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Saika and Tomohiro met through the introduction of friends. From the first time they met, they both had a very good impression of each other. Gradually, their relationship became better and better, Saika felt like she had met the right person. But at that time, because of work, Tomohiro had to go to Singapore, perhaps this business trip would last four years. One year later, Saika suddenly received a phone call from Tomohiro. He announced that he had returned to his country and really wanted to see her. It had been a long time since they last saw each other. The two of them walked and chatted about life over the past year. After drinking together, it was already late. Tomorrow we have to return to Singapore so Tomohiro wants to "return with" Saika. They both went to the room where Tomohiro was staying. Not knowing when they would be able to meet again, the two immediately rushed into each other, blending into each other, transmitting their emotions to each other. As long as time allows, both will take advantage of every moment to never forget each other's body, scent and feelings...

SSIS-499 Meeting my lover again after 1 year of separation
 Movie Code: SSIS-499 
 Actor: Saika Kawakita