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JUX-987 It Has Been Taken Sleeping In Front Of The Eyes is a sex movie with great content by Tsuno Miho. The story is about a young couple who have been married for a year and today is their anniversary. A small party took place and then they went into the room to fuck each other, but the husband was too weak to fuck. The wife still seemed happy but was really dissatisfied. One day the husband brought his boss home for dinner. They drank together, but unfortunately the husband got drunk and didn't know anything and fell to the ground. The wife helped her up again and the man happened to see pink panties and was very excited. The next day, he took advantage of the employee's return to work and went to her house and raped his wife. Many times like that made the wife even more excited and had an affair with the boss. Then one day they made love without caring about the time the husband returned. He discovered his boss was fucking his wife. But they didn't seem to care about the poor guy just fucking around...

JUX-987 Fucking employee Tsuno Miho's slutty wife
 Movie Code: JUX-987 
 Actor: Tsuno Miho 
 Category: Jav Japanese Sex Movies XNXX SEXTOP1