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Lan Kwai Fong 2 is a story revolving around a group of young people. Getting drunk with DJ music in pubs, drinking alcohol like drinking water, having fun all night with the one-night loves of Hong Kong youth in the 21st century... The film has the appearance of "sexy angels". "Tran Tinh Nghia with quite "cool" outfits: mostly bikinis and tank tops, super short skirts. The innocent face once known as Hong Kong's Little Dragon Lady has now completely transformed with an extremely seductive image. The frequency and number of passionate love scenes were aggressively exploited by director Tien Quoc Vy, making viewers go from happy to... shy. The context of sensitive content not only takes place in bed but is also boldly created on the balcony, in front of the windows of a high-rise building with transparent glass or in the kitchen. Revolving around the love story and sexual concepts of couples with different fates, the director wants to convey the message: love should not suffer from the effects of society, more specifically, thoughts. Material pragmatism and human ambition.

Lan Kwai Fong 2
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