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Aoi is a new employee, he arrived early to witness his superior and senior slapping others right in the middle of the office!!! It turned out that this woman was Momo, his senior, and the other man was also an employee of the company. He promised not to tell anyone about it. That day he was assigned by the head of DepartMomo to be a tour guide. After listening to what other seniors shared, he also learned a little more about Momo. Momo used to be an adult magazine model, with a beautiful face, fiery and sociable personality. It is rumored that Momo specializes in “freeloading” Among her male colleagues, no one can resist her temptation, including the department head! He always ignores the mistakes Momo makes, often inviting Momo somewhere to discuss. When Momo was learning the trade, Aoi kept looking at Momo's breasts,

Discovered a prostitute who liked to have sex in the office
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 Actor: Momo Sakura