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Yuna and her husband used to be colleagues and then were married for three years. On the occasion of her upcoming wedding anniversary, Yuna wants to take nude photos with her husband to record an important milestone in her life. However, her husband did not agree. Seeing that, Yuna also said that she didn't like it and chose to travel according to her husband's wishes. The next day, her husband told this story to department head Takimoto. Because he was fascinated by Yuna's beauty, when he heard this story, he introduced the two of them to a famous photographer Hosoda, who used to be his junior. Because Yuna's husband wanted to refuse, he was threatened by the department head, forcing Yuna to agree. And then that day came, Yuna was naked in front of photographer Hosoda and the department head, posing for him to take pictures of all the contours of her body, including the most secret places. When it was Yuna's husband's turn to take a photo together, he was too embarrassed to take off his clothes. Taking this opportunity, department head Takimoto immediately undressed and approached to take a photo with Yuna under the pretense of "modeling" for her husband. And so, before her husband's helpless eyes, Yuna was naked with the head of the department. The two moved closer to each other. His cock continuously touched her body, causing Yuna's body to heat up and her sexual juices to begin to flow. out along the thighs. After the photo shoot that day, the couple argued again. The department head continued to persuade Yuna to participate in another photo shoot of Hosoda. This time, the two became more daring, and Yuna's positions were more sexual than before. During the break, Hosoda had to go out. Knowing that Yuna was already very horny, department head Takimoto used the excuse to help her practice so she could officially fuck Yuna. When enjoying the manager's long cock and enjoying the feeling of joy that sex brings, Yuna liberated her true self. Not only the department head, at the next photo shoot, she also agreed to let the photographer participate in the "photoshooting process". Yuna's husband knew but helplessly watched his beloved wife gradually leave...

JUQ-206 Serve your boss wholeheartedly
 Movie Code: JUQ-206 
 Actor: Yuna Shina